What explains the indigenous school academy funding divide

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What explains the indigenous school academy funding divide?

« There’s a clear division between the schools that are really good and the ones that aren’t. The good schools are funded with federal money that’s m1 인샵anaged at the local level. They have some competition, they do a good job at it, they have their own academic program, but their students come from communities and they’re taught and supported and they’re일산안마 일산출장안마 treated the same. »

The main argument for school funding, she says, is not that traditional schools and indigenous schools are inferior or that school funding should be handed out based on poverty. Rather, she argues, the reason schools in the public schools system provide a better life for indigenous children than those in private ones is because school funding varies across communities by family.

The public school system, which doesn’t provide funding, gets its money from the federal government. She says it makes little sense, then, to rely on school funding카지노 being the same for all.

As long as they work, she says, « they’re going to be fine. »