Jacqui lambie wants social housing support for tax cut vote

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Jacqui lambie wants social housing support for tax cut vote

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has endorsed the Liberal platform for next month’s budget but has ruled out any formal social housing assistance for those living on lower income and middle incomes.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was the first major party leader to agree to meet with local social housing groups that are involved in efforts to tackle the housing shortage and homelessness. Trudeau has called on all parties in Ottawa to work toward a balanced budget that supports local communities.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he agreed to meet with community groups to discuss the housing shortage. (Reuters)

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau agreed to meet with community groups Monday to discuss the housing shortage but said he would not provide specific funding for such programs as a major city leader wants to.

Speaking to reporters on the plane to Halifax, Trudeau said he was willing to commit to housing projects within Ottawa’s existing funding streams. But he said t제천안마hat the Liberals are reviewing its housing strategy and will do its best to keep the federal Conservatives from pushing for such « diversions. »

Trudeau said his government doesn’t support « diversions » of local spending from Ottawa. But he insisted the party is fully behind its plan to deliver $8.6 billion over 10 years to provide $1.8 billio호 게임n in public, affordable housing.

In April, the Trudeau government put together a $10-million grant in order to create a new shelter for homeless seniors — another way the government seeks to help lower and middle-income Canadians who live with chronic health issues. That money will be used to support the creation and construction of 12 new shelter beds across Ottawa.

Trudeau said he has spoken with provincial premiers across the country, and will continue to meet with them about how they can help with the housing shortage.

« It’s pretty common practice for our provinces to give money to one part of the federal government, to local organizations and other things that they want to do, and the federal government is there, doing the same thing, » he said.

« I think that the whole process I believe is fair and equitable, and what you’ll see in the nextm 카지노 federal budget is a commitment from the government to be responsible and to actually do it. »

There’s no mention in the budget of how this $4-billion housing fund would be used, except for to provide funding for an estimated 18,000 additional homeless seniors over five years.

Trudeau, a former lawyer, took over as leader of the Canadian Alliance party in October, replacing forme